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Capital Alliance Group Reviews

Capital Alliance Group has approved over $250,000,000 and counting in funding for business owners since 2008. Check back often for authentic Capital Alliance Group reviews; new reviews are added often.

Capital Alliance Group will work hard to get small businesses access to capital quickly– in as little as 2 business days. Capital Alliance is headquartered in Santa Ana, CA but they open early and stay late to make sure any business owner anywhere in North America can get the funds they may need, even on short notice.

“They Worked Late to Get This Done…”

Capital Alliance was terrific.

They worked late to get this done and did not take no for an answer. Great job. If I ever need help again, I would go to Capital Alliance. Thank you!

WilliamWilliam A Holmes, Inc

Capital Alliance Group is an Alternative Lender headquartered in Santa Ana, CA (Orange County) and serving small business owners all over the US and Canada.

This site displays reviews for Capital Alliance Group from some of the happy business owners that they have helped to acquire capital.